Estonian Musicological Society

Estonian Musicological Society was founded in 1992 with two principal objectives in mind: first of all, to raise interest in researching music, and to support research in all of the musicological fields in Estonia; secondly, to forward academic communication between musicologists and people interested in musicology. For that purpose the EMS holds at least two symposia a year, at least one of which takes place in Tartu. It issues the annual newsletter and a peer-reviewed yearbook Res Musica (print publication ISSN 1736-8553, online publication ISSN 2382-8080); in collaboration with the Department of Musicology, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre), endows publication of research materials; organises conferences, seminars, courses etc relevant for promoting and advancing musicological life, and communicates with other national and international musicological organisations. In 2004 the EMS associated with the Estonian Academy of Sciences.

Since the EMS has always considered important the forming and sustaining of relations with academic circles outside musicology, membership could be attributed to non-musicologists as well.